Committing myself into it

Well since writing and reading is my passion and i want everyone to see how I did the day before, how i’m doing now and how i’ll be doing the day after, i’m committing myself to.. well, tell every snippet of things that I did and is planning. 🙂

It’s a fun way to release all those stresses while keeping my anonymity and be able to share how good or bad my day had been. So yeah, ill commit myself to The Daily Post. :))


Say Hello to the Newbie

HI guys!

Finally I was able to open my actual personalized blog. : ))  I actually opened a lot of blogs since high school but I always end up being dismayed.

You see, I don’t really have the resources then, no laptop, no internet. So, basically, I have to start writing all the stuffs on my mind, go to a net café then start typing everything down, which of course, I found very unnerving.  Also, whenever I write on a blank piece of paper, my mind overrides the rate of my writing that I wasn’t able to jot down every snippet ideas I have on mind. So I opt to just start my own personalized blog when I finally have the proper resources (and I thank God I have it now!).

I may not have the smartest mind and the most feral ideas but sharing what I am feeling and what I think with others are one of my dearest trances. So, let me share my own set story and opinion to you guys, let’s cheers to the many untold stories and for the tales that are yet to be told. Let this be a chronicle of how I view life and how life regards me through lessons .

Let’s all have a wonderful blogging experience!  My chronicles, my judgments, my beliefs and views, they are all included here.  I hope I could extend a part of me to those who will take time to read my blog. Violent reactions and points that need improvement are very welcome.

Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks.  XOXO!


The Nameless Moniker Speaks 01032012




Hello world!

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